General Grievous Black Series Promo Images and Info

General Grievous Black Series Promo Images and Info

Announced late last year, Hasbro is finally releasing a General Grievous for the 6" Black Series line.

Earlier this week Hasbro released new images for the upcoming deluxe figure that will be filling our shelves in March of this Year.   General Grevious will be the first figure released in the Black Series' new XL line and will not be exclusive to any store at this time, this may change for some countries in the near future.

Grievous comes with four Lightsabers as depicted in Revenge of the Sith, which had taken from four fallen Jedi’s. He also comes with a blaster rifle as well, that appears to be the one Obi-Wan uses to finish him off in the Movie. He also has a removable cape which has pockets to hold the four Lightsaber hilts.  

This figure is a must have for any Black Series fan and should sell-out quickly due to the demand.  Pre-Order your copy now at to guarantee your Figure

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