Fun Box


Want to Pre-Order Products and also order Items that are In-Stock.  We'll the Fun Box is just for you.

- Save on Shipping by holding and combining your Orders and Pre-Orders.

- Hold items for up to 90 Days.

- Free Shipping Threshold of $149.99 only applies to Canadian and US Customer with a Residential or Business Street Address. No P.O. Boxes.


How Does it Work?

When you go to checkout you can either pay for your shipping at the time and all of your Items will be shipped once they are in stock or you can add them to your Fun Box.  When you choose the Fun Box, No shipping or Tax on the Shipping will be Charged until we have confirmed the items are being prepared for shipment by the Manufacturer or Distributor.

Add as many Products as you want.  Each Item can be held for up to 90 Days.  You can choose to request the items delivered at anytime before the 90 Days or we will send you an invoice for shipping once your Item reaches 90 Days.


What happens when my Item reaches 90 Days.

- You will receive notification thru your Account of Items that are approaching 90 Days.

- Once Items are at the 90 Day mark, We will Email you with an invoice of the Items that need to be shipped, any remaining balances and the shipping costs.

- This invoice must be paid within 7 Days.  If it is not and no arrangements have been made, your order will be cancelled.  Please note that a 15% restocking fee will be applied against any refunds.

- If you have any issues with your Fun Box or unable to take delivery, Please let us know, so that we can work with you.


Cancelling an Item.

- In-Stock Items can be cancelled at anytime and refunds can be issued as a store credit or refund.  Please note that a 10% restocking fee will be applied to any monies refunded (Store Credits are not subject to a 10% restocking fee).

- Pre-Order Items can be cancelled at anytime prior to 30 Days of the expected release date without any penalties.  Items within 30 Days of the expected release date will be treated as In-stock and the previous policy applies.


Other things to Note:

- The Method of Shipping will be at our Discretion.

- With anything these days there are people who like to abuse it.  If you are found to be abusing the system such as constantly ordering and then cancelling Product, we will take steps to remove you from using the program.